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A solid reflection of my meticulously curated Pinterest board, I am known for my exquisite and dreamy approach to creation — gimme all the rose gold accents, vintage whitewash, and delicate florals. Post work, you can find me enjoying beautiful PNW adventures, or at least enjoying the view with crisp glass of bubbly in hand.

While I learned early on that self care would positively affected my self-perception and mood, I never imagined I would end up here. But since quitting my day job in pursuit of my own path, Beauty En Route has hardly been an accident! The essence of everything we do is a reflection of my creative vision and passion for raising the bar. Since attending makeup school at John Casablancas, I continue to pursue both beauty, business and photography classes to better serve each client I come across. Breaking down makeup's intimidating barriers and helping each person feel empowered by even the simplest of beauty tricks and a little self love is extremely rewarding. When I am not glowing up my next lovely lady, you can catch me daydreamin’ of where the future will take us! 

I’m Meagan MacRae— Beauty Professional, Founder & Innovator.

The quickest way to my heart is through a photo of your fur-baby.

No. 1

My family nicknamed me “Roo,” from Winnie the Pooh—they know me as ‘the busy bee!’

No. 2

Taking on new creative passion projects is kinda my thing. I sometimes get carried away, but I don’t mind that because it feeds my creative soul.

No. 3

I am most passionate about vintage finds, fashion and photography—in addition to makeup, of course!

No. 4

I love Audrey Hepburn and everything Tiffany’s—the Beauty En Route Parlour is even named Audrey.

No. 5

In my free time, you can catch me recovering after a long day of wedding makeup in a bubble bath with lush bath bombs—my secret obsession.

No. 6

Caesar cocktails are my favorite and I order them even if it’s not socially appropriate - I don’t think fancy restaurants appreciate my pairing skills.

No. 7

My favorite color is not rose gold (shocker!), but creamsicle orange because it enhances a tan.

No. 8

I love midnight snacks and often fall asleep with them right beside me in bed—I may or may not roll over to nibble mid-sleep.

No. 9

fun facts

Hi I’m Krista, the client relations guru, our team’s right hand gal and the Project Coordinator behind Beauty En Route. I help you and our team plan and organize so your morning beauty services go off without a hitch. I have always been the go-to planner with my family and friends and ever since I saw a bride walk down the aisle during my first shift as a Wedding Day Assistant 7 years ago, I knew that I wanted to work in the Wedding Industry forever. I have a passion for planning, organizing, details, and love helping couples create the day they have dreamed about. I love making others happy and when I joined the Wedding Industry, I saw how much joy I could bring to a couple on their Wedding Day. I always dreamed of owning my own business and in October 2019, I started my own Wedding Photography and Videography company called Lumina Weddings and Events Inc. I have an unprecedented attention to detail with an amazing memory and love everything about weddings and am here to answer questions, plan timelines and ensure you have a fantastic experience. 

When I’m not working, you can often find me traveling and exploring places I’ve never been. My favourite spots so far have been Australia and the Cook Islands! I also love animals and am hoping to get a mini sheepadoodle sometime next year! I look forward to getting to know you and making your wedding day extra special :) 


Most days you can find me practicing fantasy makeup for Instagram or taking part in photoshoots. I love serving the world by making it a more beautiful place. Creating art through photoshoots, coaching my friends in beauty and special effects, and helping clients find simple answers to their beauty qualms. I am most grateful for the opportunity to help my clients find the colors that compliment their skin tones, eye, and hair color, and enhance their natural beauty. Knowledge is made to be shared!

My passion for makeup artistry began when I was a dancer and I would practice elaborate makeup on myself and peers for competitions. This love of makeup application only continued throughout my teens until I made the decision to move from Terrace, BC to Vancouver for professional education. For bridal makeup, I love achieving a fresh dewy and complexion with a beautiful lash. I honed my style and skills in makeup when I attended school at John Casablancas (JCI). During my time at JCI, I was awarded top student of my graduating class for both my technique and workmanship. When I’m not busy doing makeup, you can catch me baking, cooking, and spending time with family and friends.


Most days you can find me at the salon bringing my clients hair dreams to reality. I am known for always making the people around me smile and giggle which feels very rewarding. This is why fostering a laid back, fun environment is so important to me. My goal beyond great hair is to make every person I touch feel truly fresh and revived by the time they leave their appointment. Besides my family and my lil' Labradoodle, Hershey, my career has been my biggest love!! I have invested everything into becoming an expert hairstylist, so much so I have been dubbed the name "Hair Genie," by my clients. When I am not behind the chair for cuts and colours, I am a teacher at John Casablancas. This is where I, myself, went to hair school back in the day! On the weekends, you can find me styling up brides and their maids with a team of fun-loving ladies. I am a major travel junkie (Italy, Iceland, Hawaii, just to name a few!) and am so down for an epic destination wedding! 

After servicing hundreds of clients throughout my career, I have found my groove when working with brides. By pulling inspiration from the wedding aesthetic, I meld ideas to work with the women's natural features and sprinkle in a touch of my own professional recommendations. After a final tweak or two, the results are magical! 


I'm a Vancouver based makeup artist with an appreciation for clean beauty and a clean environment. My passion for nature comes out when scooting around Vancouver with my dog, caring for my indoor plant forest, and using vegan + cruelty-free products on my clients. My specialty is low-key glam makeup, making you into your best self while making sure you still feel like yourself. This attitude aligns with my lash and hair colouring services, which allow you to wake up feeling like the badass beauty you are, with minimal daily effort.

My lashes have been featured on many blogs and my makeup and hair have been published in tens of fashion magazines. When I take a break from work I opt to spend more time with my boyfriend, going for walks and soaking up all the natural beauty this planet has to offer us!


My nickname is "Em" and I am all about hair, makeup, and lashes! Graduating from Blanche Macdonald for makeup, I am passionate about helping women get their makeup done without feeling too “done-up." Showing them how to get the perfect natural glow that remains within their comfort zone is rewarding. That being said, I do not shy from the full glam look and get excited when I get to take makeup to another level!!

I am lucky to help my clients achieve the boost of confidence that they desire for their special occasions! When I am not working on clients, you can catch me at the gym, coffee shop, or cooking with my boyfriend. We love living in downtown, it is such a change of pace from my hometown of Bozeman, Montana. Fun fact about me is I have a bachelors degree in violin performance!


When I do your makeup, I not only get you feeling elevated and glowing, but I’ll also teach you cosmetic tips and tricks! Using amazing products can make all the difference when it comes to makeup which is why I love doing product reviews. Every product I use  is  outstanding!

I think it is essential to continually evolve as an artist by working with new mediums and techniques.  Aside from working retail, I enjoy working as a freelance artist for bridal and special events as well as working in the TV/Film industry. I have a passion for pushing the envelope during photoshoots and was featured in Flanelle Magazine.

In my spare time I love doing yoga and meditation to stay grounded. Being creative is extremely important to me, on any given day you can find me doing edgy looks for Instagram. Making clients feel comfortable is second nature to me and building strong connections with them is just one of the perks of sitting in my chair. Let’s have a laugh and get you glam! I will continually strive to make every client feel like the best version of themselves!



I am lucky to live by the beach and catching the sunset after a cycle is the best pastime after a crazy work week. I have been a makeup artist for 15 years now. Without a doubt, I am a major workaholic. When I am not working on weddings, you can find me on set working on the latest hit series. In my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work on several TV shows and movies, such as Supergirl, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist and VC Andrews’ ‘All That Glitters’ on Lifetime. I started my journey working for Charlotte Tilbury and quickly became the Pro Artist for their Nordstroms location. I have experience in all aspects of makeup and often inspire those who need help with feeling their best, especially on their wedding day. I am lucky to teach them the tricks of the trade to achieve their desired look. As a certified aesthetician, I am obsessed with creating healthy, glowing skin. I focus on this for each of my brides, because it creates a timeless, flattering base for beautiful wedding makeup.

While I am very passionate about, you guessed it, makeup (of course!), travelling and photography are also very important to me. One of my favourite places to travel to is Japan and Thailand. There are so many authentic places to eat, which feeds my foodie soul!

My passion is making the beauty industry accessible to every babe out there. Most days you can spot my bright red hair running around Sephora reppin' Anastasia Beverly Hills and sharing my favorite tips and tricks with customers. When I'm not making my brides look flawless, I'm sharing those tips and tricks with family and friends—makeup never stops in my world! It’s my mission to make sure everyone feels confident in their look and my specialty, eyebrows, is often the most transformative piece. When clients want to bump up that glam, I'm there for them with my side hustle creating stunning eyelashes. From natural and glowing to glam and glitter, I want to make sure you love your look and can achieve it every day.

Step in my chair, I can't wait to match your style and elevate your confidence for your big day. And if you're dying to hear more about me aside from makeup, I love this planet and care about our environment and all its little creatures. Did you know most makeup bottles can be recycled, and some brands even take them back in exchange for giveaways? Win-win!


I love serving the world by uplifting others and being positive. When I am not doing makeup and hair, I am at the gym, or hiking! I am mostly known for being what some might consider a “workaholic,” but I chalk it up to super duper passionate about the beauty industry. Most days you can find me working out or practicing new techniques or trying out new trends on my friends. I went to Blanch Macdonald for makeup school, and taught myself to be a hairstylist. With hair, my speed and effortless styles are talents I am often recognized for.

I believe and stand behind ensuring that each client who sits in my chair leaves feeling empowered and knows she is truly beautiful. Recently, I became a nail tech and have been so enjoying this new venture! I love collaborating with like-minded individuals and am always eager to network and connect with others. Can’t wait to see where this passion for beauty takes me! 

Emily N

I am passionate about our beautiful planet and exploring every inch of it. I run on coffee and I am constantly looking for a new adventure, in my neighbourhood or on another continent. To make sure there’s plenty left to explore for future generations, I do my part to care for the environment. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

The principals fit into my approach to beauty, too. I love achieving a dewy, fresh, natural look and believe every face is lovely. My job is simply to magnify beauty that is already present... and maybe add a smoking hot red lipstick while I’m at it. This approach has also led me to my certifications in lash extensions and facials, keeping my clients looking their best even when they are makeup free! I know I’ve done my job when clients look at their reflection in the mirror and smile because they can still see themselves, just elevated!

After hours, you can catch me living my best bohemian life, enjoying arts, food, coffee and culture, staying young and free.


I have a strong, innate feeling to seize opportunities that I feel drawn to chase. During my university pursuit of becoming vet tech, I realized the study was no longer aligning with my heart. I quickly dropped out and came back to Vancouver to follow the not-so taken path of becoming a bridal makeup artist. I do makeup because I feel a sense of peace and comfort when I am able to create. The process, the rewarding end result, it is extraordinary to see what can be created! I have graduated from John Casablancas and was surprised to also thoroughly enjoy the SPFX portion of the diploma. 

When I am not busy working on makeup, you can catch me exploring the outdoors or trying new restaurants. I live on just over an acre of land with dogs, chickens and a couple of horses, so being outside in my backyard never gets boring for me. I have ridden horses for as long as I can remember, so going horseback riding on a warm sunny day, the breeze, the sun hitting my skin, it is an indescribable feeling! 


I am fuelled by coffee and my passion for guiding clients out of their comfort zone. My goal is to make new beauty trends approachable and fun, making the biggest glam looks accessible. Clients should feel confident in their own skin, no matter the occasion and I believe it’s my mission to help make that happen. Red lips, winged liner, sharp contour or glass skin... Whatever you are working towards, I can get you there.

My time off is never really ‘off.’ In my spare time you can find me in my lash & makeup studio trying out new techniques and experimenting with designs! I love special effects makeup and my current favourite is playing around with anything to do with skulls!


Through the challenge of being a self-taught hair stylist, I grew a devotion for continued education and am constantly practicing and spreading my knowledge. I am an avid believer in community over competition and that is why fostering a team is such an important piece of my business!

Our team is composed of Vancouver’s most talented industry stylists handpicked by yours truly. We will be there for you every step of the way through dependable communication, never overlooking even the smallest details.

 Our team is as versatile as the women we serve! We take great pride in being skilled in a range of styles and consultation techniques, so we can confidently achieve the look you desire without losing sight of your personal style and comfort level. With each of our artist’s calibre of expertise and years of experience, rest assured that no matter who you book within the Beauty En Route Collective your look will be impeccable!

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