Beyond exceptional creativity and wild talent, trust in a team of artists backed by dedicated administrative staff to ensure your clients or associates get first class treatment. 

professional services

⟶ An initial consultation via email to determine client budget and offer recommendations to fit individual needs.
⟶ Questionnaires + Pinterest Vision Board to guide inspiration to ensure group cohesion.
⟶ Coordination of your photoshoot logistics and number of stylists needed to meet time requirements.
⟶ Artists remain for test shot touch ups to ensure all clients appear flawless on camera.


For professional photography studios or wedding photographers seeking an ongoing partnership for bundled service offerings, Beauty En Route provides:
⟶ Years of experience on photographer's rosters, serving a high volume of clients on an ongoing basis.
⟶ A dedicated admin staff to coordinate work and respond to last-minute requests.
⟶ A tight team of highly-skilled artists with the flexibility to meet various schedules.
⟶ Options to customize offerings to properly reflect a brand's image and match their level of service.
⟶ Expert advice on style curation and flexibility to match creative approaches.


Makeup + Hair Services

⟶ An initial consultation to discuss scope of work,  brand identity and goal of the campaign.
⟶ Thoughtful development of Pinterest Vision Board that proposes unique, yet on-trend looks, expertly determined to contribute to the overall success of the businesses objectives.
⟶ Consultation on model selection and recommendations of certain looks or extra supplies needed to achieve desired styles based on their natural features.
⟶ Coordination of your photoshoot logistics, number and of stylists needed to meet time requirements.
⟶ Artists remain onsite for touch ups and look changes to ensure all shots needed are achieved.

brand catalogue photoshoots 

For wedding planners and coordinators seeking to add a mobile beauty services to their rooster of recommended vendors. Here’s what sets us apart:
⟶ Little Luxuries: Offering luxurious amenities such as gold under-eye masks, individual touch-up kits  and specially curated bridal preparation box.
⟶ Seamless Experience: Our team is brimming with creative passion, masterful skill and an unparalleled ability to interpret vision, supported by a dedicated administration team.
⟶ Exclusive Partnership Perks: As an added touch of luxury, brides referred by you will enjoy a complimentary bridal robe and accessory of their choice from our brand Adorn & Co.

wedding planner PARTNERSHIPS

Jodie Fulcher

"I've been working with Meagan for years. She's not only knowledgeable on products, applications, and different ethnicities, but she's great at communicating with people who aren't (i.e. me). I have next to no beauty knowledge and somehow she's always able to understand what I'm communicating and accomplishes it every time. She has a huge team of talented artists working for her who are equally awesome to work with, and as a Wedding Planner I can honestly say that her admin support and work flow is an awesome bonus!"

She has a huge team of talented artists working for her who are equally awesome