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A. Our studio mainly uses Face Atelier, a cruelty-free (mostly vegan/transitioning) line. This is a fabulous line created for makeup artists, by makeup artists, and used often on celebrities, on the red carpet, and on runways. We use only pro products in our kit to ensure high pigment and longevity. Some other lines we use are Danessa Myricks Beauty, YSL, and Pat Mcgrath. We also use airbrush makeup which is made for photography and HD television. The airbrush line we use is Temptu.

Q. What types of products do you use? 



A. Our cancellation policy is simple. For all non-bridal bookings we offer a credit for cancellations where the client gives more than 7 days notice. For cancellations within 7 days, we cannot offer any type of reimbursement. This includes canceling due to undesirable weather conditions. Due to the nature of events and photo shoots, we often get inquires for the same time slot on certain peak days. Once a booking is confirmed with full advance payment, we turn down other clients that may conflict. Cancellations within 7 days leave little to no possibility to re-book the time slot therefore it’s left void. For bridal cancellation polices please inquire for a proposal of services. 

Q. what is your cancellation policy?

A. Yes! We specialize in Airbrush makeup and swear by it. It is optional to have wedding makeup be done using Airbrush, but we find it can lasts longer and feels amazingly light on the skin. It has great coverage without feeling “heavy” on the skin. It does not “sweat off,” or look cakey. We use the brand Temptu or Face Atelier for all our Airbrush applications. You may add Airbrush to your bridal package upon request at a 50$/face premium.

Q. Do you use airbrush makeup?


A. Yes! We love doing cover-ups and use special Airbrush makeup made for covering up tattoos. The Airbrush makeup is completely non-transferable and waterproof. No worrying about the makeup rubbing off on your wedding dress! We also do cover-ups for body acne, stretch marks, and uneven skin on the body. Inquire for a consultation!

Q. Do you do tattoo cover-ups?


A. The makeup will last all day (12-15 hours). The Airbrush makeup lasts up to 15 hours depending on the weather conditions. We have never had anyone say it didn't last in this Vancouver weather. We have done many brides at 6 in the morning and their makeup is perfect until the end of their reception. Of course, you will have to touch up with blotting  powder or blot paper and a swipe of lipsticktouch up your lips throughout the day but and that's why we provide custom touch up kits!

Q. How long will my makeup last?


A. Don't worry, everything we use for weddings is water-resistant or waterproof, from the foundation to the mascara. Simply dab your eyes or forehead with the tissues or Q-tips we provide and keep on looking gorgeous!

Q. What happens if I cry/sweat?


A. We always work with each client to ensure they, he, or she looks their absolute best. If you are unsure about makeup, we will work together to create a look that enhances your best features and plays down the areas you may not be as happy with. We don’t want you to feel that we’ve transformed you into someone no one recognizes anymore – unless that's how you want to look!

Q. What if I’m not used to wearing makeup?


A. Absolutely! We specialize in custom-blended makeup to match any skin tone no matter how dark or light. We LOVE working with the many different shades and tones of beauty! We also have a full range of professional skin care products that we use to prepare delicate, mature, sensitive, or acne-prone skin before makeup application to achieve the very best results. Our goal is to enhance your natural features, so if you have tons of freckles per se, we won't try and cover them all up!

Q. Do you have experience with ethnic/acne/mature skin types?


A. Definitely! If you are not sure what you are wanting we would love to help. We send a detailed questionnaire and vision board in order to get an idea of what you may want. Remember, it is your wedding day so if you aren't sure we will usually stick with something more natural. We can always start out that way and work our way to a more dramatic look. 

Q. I am not sure what makeup look I want on my special day. Can you help?


A. Our Pinterest is a great place to start to get an idea of what you want. Remember, it is a little bit harder for us to see what is on the eyes in some pictures in magazines, so it is best to have pictures that show the eyelids. It's best to pick someone with similar features and tones as well.

Q. Can you duplicate a makeup look from pictures in magazines?


A. Traveling is what we love about our job. We know that on a stressful day it is much easier for someone to come to you so that you can enjoy and relax on your special day. We do charge for travel based on location. Please inquire for details.

We will travel as far as you need us to. Depending on how far we have to travel there may be an additional travel charge, hotel stay, and food expenses for the day. 

Q. Do you travel? Do you charge a travel fee?


A. Yes! We include lashes on everyone, either faux mink lashes or individual. Note, lashes are included automatically in all services, but should clients feel uncomfortable using them, or have lash extensions there is no pressure to take advantage of them.

Q. Does our makeup include lashes?


A. Book Here. From there we will send you a proposal of all the details that we discussed. Once we receive the completed contract and retainer, your booking will be secured.

Q. How do I book you for my wedding date?


A. Yes we do offer Emme Hair! Extension rental is available at a fee of 100$.  It includes colour matching at your Bridal Preview, or a free 15 minute check located at The Parlour.  We do all the prepping pre-wedding for a quicker application. Rental comes with trial and wedding day use and  full sanitization. Post application days, extensions must be returned by the client to one of our three locations located in Vancouver, Maple Ridge, or Port Moody. 

do you offer hair extension rentals?


A. Great! We are happy to apply your personal extensions. The application process  may require more time, than usual styling so, it is important the extensions come in mint condition. They must be brushed well and clean prior to the appointment. If we are not able to begin styling them immediately, the stylist has the right to refuse using them to avoid timeline issues. 

what if i want to bring my own extensions


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